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Learn How to Handle Your Man

Posted by admin

Learn How to Handle Your Man

I have something interesting for you to think about.

It’s about dating and relationship horror stories. Have you, or maybe women you know, had any, or even lots of them? Have you noticed if some of the same negative and/or limiting situations repeat themselves with different men?

Some examples:

= Have you ever experienced that a few dates with a man gone great, but after you have been ‘physical’ he has not called again?
= The closer you get physical and emotional to a man, the more distant he gets… maybe even scared before he finally pulls away?
= Shortly in to the relationship the connection fades away. The chemistry just disappears – and so does the man?

The same kinds of situations pop up over and over again for some women with different men. Why do some women attract the same kind of men in to their lives?

These are simply common situations with men. That’s the reality. BUT what about the women who end up in great relationships? Why don’t these situations happen to them and they have it so much easier with their partner?

The men they are with aren’t much different from other men. Of course, there are always the extreme examples such as players, the emotionally unhealthy or abusive men and so on… clearly, some men are better ‘relationship material’ than others. Yes, I mean the “good guys” that you meet and as soon as you meet them, you quickly know they’re ‘quality’ people. I guess that is part of the reason that it can be such a shock as well as upsetting when guys like this start performing and acting out some of these common negative male behaviours.

These negative situations as well as the behaviours do come up for most women… Yes, even women where you think that they are having close and loving relationships with great guys. There’s no “immunity” from the common male issues, situations and behaviours. Still, from what I hear there are lots of women who still end up in great relationships with men regardless of all the male behaviours that tear other couples apart.

I bet you wonder what the difference is.

The difference is in HOW women respond!

I am not trying to help men be lazy partners here, or get away with bad behaviour. And I am not saying that women should just accept it all and that men are excused from taking responsibility. What I am saying is that ‘smart’ women KNOW how to handle common challenges and issues that men confront them with. Where on the other hand women get absolutely preoccupied and overpowered emotionally by the same things, setting off total turmoil which quite often shows that it is the beginning of the end.

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  1. isobelle Said,

    this is very true.. im experiencing the same bad behavior with my man. but can you you tell me how to handle this kind of “MAN”

  2. hayley Said,

    i feel for you – personally i think you should leave, as it will never change.

  3. Viola Said,

    Hi Isobelle – that’s a hard one and it isn’t easy to give advice as an outsider, not being in the situation. On the other side, personally I wouldn’t have anyone treat me like this and if he doesn’t respect you, how can you respect yourself?

  4. Vivianne Said,

    Well you can’t really do nothing about it can you, man’s just make you feel like it’s your fault and my advise is as soon as they start doing that leave them. Unless you trully think it really is your fault. There’s no man out there that will continue to except there mistake and even if they do they’ll still bring you ito it as well. And men that change are simply fake. And to us women we can say it and give advise to others but its always hard to do.
    :) xo

  5. NOESEH Said,

    If he starts doing it jus leave him alone u can’t force things out if its not working.

  6. Best Jobs To Meet Women Said,

    Great, thanks for sharing this article post.Much thanks again. Want more.

  7. Doash Said,

    my dear, what you loved from the begining allow it to teach you just a few more lessons and then aim at being happy ignore the negatives.
    AND there are some of the ladies who aint sain a word n r passing thru hell ,

  8. admin Said,

    I’d say, do NOT put up with anything because you ‘think’ you have to. You always have choice!

  9. therawfoodrenegade Said,

    I would strongly agree with that. We ALL have choice. Even than when it seems we do not.

  10. Sebrina Stacey Said,

    I have been browsing online more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  11. Lesley Said,

    I meet this guy and the guy his married and i realy love him. Before, his wife disrespect,expose and beat him like a babby in front of every one.this woman she’s older than him.please help me out of this situation.

  12. Luvy Love Said,

    I am not sure what it is you want me to do? It would be wrong for me to give you any advice or tell you what to do. You have got yourself into a situation where only you can choose what to do. No one else can do it for you.

  13. Jennifer Abla Darko Said,

    Thanks for the advice you give to people,i want to ask that how do you handle a perfectionist.

  14. Jennifer Abla Darko Said,

    Thanks for the advice you give to people,i want to ask that how do you handle a perfectionist

  15. Jennifer Abla Darko Said,

    Thanks for the advice you give to people,i want to ask that how do you handle a perfectionist partner.

  16. funmi love Said,

    Am a lady of 27year. Dating a man of 30year. But he’s behaving like a small boy. Many girls ar after him. Pls I need ur help, how to handle him.

  17. Luvy Love Said,

    Hi there

    the only advice I can really give you is ‘if it doesn’t flow let it go’. Or before you know it you will be behaving like a little girl. Sorry, I cannot be of more help.

  18. missam ivan Said,

    i am experiencing trouble in choosing who to truly give my heart to because i love a guy who is not my nationality and am scared he wants to use me.and also their are men who are after me and am confused.who truly loves me,[please help me out i need to have a stable relationship]

  19. Luvy Love Said,

    No one can give you advice what or whom to choose. All I can say is that you love yourself first before you can love another. FIRST you have to have a stable relationship with yourself, then the rest will follow and you KNOW what to do.

  20. Non Said,

    A foreigner felt love with me but I am rearly not sure is it truelly serious, at the begin he was phone a lot but now always have no time busy, mails no more spond at the same day, what must I do to see he is serious with me.

  21. Eunice Nanzally Said,

    I am a 24th young lady dating with a man of 36 years. initial he had a wife, and happen that the wife decided to back everything when the man was nt around . The wife is in love with another man now. So the man I am with is a serious man we ive been with him for the two years. Please help me do I marry him or?

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