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Sex in Exchange for 25 Gallons of Petrol

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Sex in Exchange for 25 Gallons of Petrol

Some of us may remember the times we spend listening to our grandparent’s stories of being deprived during the ‘Great Depression’. They were worried for us and hoping that we would never have similar experiences. Well, it looks like as we are all able to tell our grandchildren about the times when oil prices went so over the top that some women even traded their ‘virtues’ as a necessity in order to tank up.

On July 2nd, a Kentucky woman faced charges for allegedly ‘providing’ sex in exchange for petrol to a customer at a petrol station according to ‘The Smoking Gun‘.

Doesn’t that make you wonder what’s next with prices going up? Maybe we will soon see women ‘done up’ walking the isles of supermarkets offering their ‘services’ for a bit of fish, vegetables or a bit of fruit? If more stories like this pop up, we will be in for a bit more than ‘just’ the ‘Great Depression’.

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